IYMS School of Yoga

International Yoga & Meditation Society (IYMS) is a Yoga Alliance approved school for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Being one of the premier schools for Yoga TTC in India, IYMS Rishikesh aims to provide great education, hospitality and peace of mind for the students.

IYMS Rishikesh provides 100 hours and 200 hours yoga teacher training course around the year. 300 hours yoga teacher training course is available only in the months of October to February every year. We also organise 7, 15 and 28 days yoga retreats programs for groups as well as individuals.

Yoga Teachers Training Courses

Learn yoga at Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. Yoga in its earliest days was a way of living, to energize and enhance not only physical abilities but also the mental and spiritual abilities of every individual.

At IYMS Rishikesh, we give equal emphasis to yogic living and yogic diet, preparation of your mind for spiritual leaps while enhancing your physical capabilities with a planned curriculum of Yoga and Meditation.

Yoga Retreats

A yoga retreat can not only rejuvenate your mind and body but it can also help in moving towards a lifestyle which helps you perform better in your day to day routine. An attentive and focused mind, a more agile body is what we all aspire to have. Yoga empowers you to enhance your mental and physical capabilities at all levels.

Why Join IYMS ?

At IYMS, we not only offer you the best teaching, but we make sure you are ready to start your own Yoga school or join a reputed organisation as a professional Yoga teacher. We value our students and support them out when they need it the most. Be it finding a job or starting a Yoga school.

Yoga Alliance Certified

The Yoga Alliance certification gives you power to start your own Yoga school in any part of the world. Our training is designed to ensure that you are trained to become a Yoga teacher with great career opportunities.

Best Teachers in Small Batches

At IYMS we promise that you will always be taught in small batches. The batch size will never exceed 25. It not only gives you great teachers but also ensures you great access to them. Personal attention leads to personal improvement and we value it at IYMS.

Startup Support

Planning to start your own Yoga school or promote your Yoga school after TTC. We will help you market your Yoga school with a website and Digital marketing for a small fee of USD 299. It includes Website, Social Media setup and paid ads.

Free Photo Portfolio

We do photoshoot on every student and design a portfolio to help you achieve success in your career. Whether you are going to work in a place or start your own yoga studio, a professional portfolio is a great help.

Upcoming Events

IYMS offers Yoga TTC courses in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga, looking to join our courses. Book now for a TTC program starting 15 September 2017 at Rishikesh, India.


Yoga Teachers

We provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like to spend the time here we can talk and come to a conclusion.


Ashtanga Yoga






Hatha Yoga



The ashram can accommodate more than 30 students at a time for various Yoga programs. All rooms are double occupancy rooms but are allotted for single accommodation unless you come together.


The ashram has support staff available 24×7 who can be contacted in case of any medical or other emergency. The ashram has a transport vehicle available 24×7 to take the students to hospital in case of any emergency.


Every room has an attached washroom with a geyser to ensure availability of hot water to every student. The washrooms are designed to meet the requirements of western students.


The ashram is a pollution and intoxication free zone and activities like smoking and drinking are totally prohibited in the ashram. Enjoy the pleasant smell of nature with zero disturbance



Breakfast is served after the morning Yoga classes. It usually contains toasted breads, porridge, fruits, along with traditional indian dishes which is changed everyday. The students also get hot beverages like Tea, Herbal Tea, etc.

LUNCH – 13:00

Lunch is served after the afternoon classes and before the midday break. The students get Indian lunch with Dal(One of the many variants), Chapati, Vegetables(Cooked in Indian style), Curd, Rice and Salad. There are also special dishes served as a random surprise.

HIGH TEA – 16:00

The afternoon Tea or shake depends on the weather and the choice of students.The ashram serves Indian Masala Chai, smoothies and various other Indian drinks depending upon the season.

DINNER - 19:30

The evening meal is served early so that the students can follow the Yogic life of having the last meal of the day a little early. Usually the Yogis eat the last meal before sunset but as our students sleep around 10 PM, the meal is served at around 7:30. The meal consists of Dal, Rice, Indian vegetables, Chapati, Salad.

Other Facilities

Marketing Support

We also provide marketing support to students at a meagre cost of USD 299 when they start their own classes or studio. We design website, social media images, posters and portfolio.

Free Transportation

The students are given free of cost pick and drop facility from IGI, New Delhi and Dehradun airports.


Free Portfolio Design

We encourage students to shoot their photographs from time to time during their stay. At the end of the session, students will get individual portfolio.

Free Yoga Kit

Students will get a free yoga kit which includes a kit bag, yoga mat, netri pot, books, notepads, pen, etc.