Looking for a headstart in your spiritual journey, come join our 15 days Yoga & Meditation retreat and start your spiritual journey. Our 15 days retreat gives you basic training into Yoga, meditation and pranayama, the three core elements of practicing Yoga.

We also help you understand the impact of tamasic practices on your life and help you find solutions to your tamasic needs. Everyone has the potential to attain eternal peace, there are innumerable ways to reach the stage of sam(balance), our goal is to help you understand what way suits you the best.


Rishikesh is the Yoga capital of the world, the place where the great saints and scholars came to further refine their learnings and experience their inner self. The place is filled with aura of such saints and sages, a few hours on the bank of river Ganga(Ganges) will rejuvenate your soul and the spiritual places of solitude will help your become ekkagra(focussed on your meditation). Rishikesh is a 100% vegetarian town with spirituality in the air, it has a legacy of thousands of years and our ashram is a testimony to it.

If you are looking for a retreat to enjoy and relax you can go to any part of the world, but if you looking for a place to rejuvenate your chitta(inner self), there is no better place than Rishikesh.


Spiritual Ashram

We offer retreats at Avdhoot Ashram, an ashram with decades of heritage and a huge following in India & abroad of Avdhoot ji maharaj. The ashram, is in itself a great offering that no one else can offer. When you enter the ashram, you will feel the great vibes which are a result of years of tap(devoted efforts) done by the gurus.

Great Gurus

IYMS offers great gurus who are not only learned scholars but they also follow the acharan(behaviour) of a sadachari yogi(Yogi with great character). Our Yogis do not indulge in any form of tamasic activities and are committed towards Yoga and spirituality. The Yogis not only offer you great learning lessons but they also lead you into a spiritual life by sadachar(Ideal behaviour).

Learn the right Uccharans(pronunciations)

A retreat in IYMS not only ensures great learning but it also ensures right learning. A retreat in most parts of the world emphasis on what they make you learn while at IYMS, we focus on what you learn. We make sure that whatever you learn here, is correct, and you take it with you for your life.

Hassle free travel & Stay

At IYMS, we offer free airport pick and drop facility for convenient travel and a single room accommodation for a great stay. We ensure that you have a pleasant stay, so you give your undivided attention towards the retreat.


The 15 days yoga retreat is a program for rejuvenation and revival of the physical, mental and inner self. Our program is designed to help you understand your inner self and we will put you in a habit of daily self practice that you can continue when you return home. The 15 day curriculum is a well planned retreat designed specially for those who are looking to find a routine that they can follow to improve their meditation and Yoga practice. The gurus make corrections and improve your Yoga postures, enlighten you with better meditation techniques and help you in finding ways to explore your inner self.

Things in your Fees

What is included

  • 30 Days Single Room Stay
  • 3 Meals and a High Tea / Juice
  •  Dehradun Airport Pick & Drop
  • Yoga Kit & IYMS T-Shirt

What Is Not Included

  • Packaged drinking water
  • Flight from Delhi to Dehradun
  • Pick & Drop from Delhi Airport

Daily Schedule

  • 6:00 AM : Time to wake up
  • 6:30 AM : Pranayama & Purification Session
  • 8:00 AM : Ashtanga Yoga Session
  • 9:30 AM : Breakfast
  • 10:00 AM : Philosophy & Anatomy of Yoga
  • 1:00 PM : Lunch
  • 3:15 PM : Afternoon Meditation Session
  • 4:15 PM : Evening Tea
  • 5:30 PM : Hatha Yoga Session
  • 7:30 PM : Dinner
  • 10:00 PM : Lights Off

Batches Dates & Fees

Course Date Total Course Fee (USD) Booking Fee (USD) Paid on Arrival (USD) Enrolment
15 FEB’18 – 28 FEB’18 599 150 449
15 MAR’18 – 28 MAR’18 599 150 449
15 APR’18 – 28 APR’18 599 150 449
15 MAY’18 – 28 MAY’18 599 150 449
15 JUN’18 – 28 JUN’18 599 150 449
15 JUL’18 – 28 JUL’18 599 150 449
15 AUG’18– 28 AUG’18 599 150 449


IYMS Advantage

AccomodationFoodTravel & Transit
At IYMS, we understand that every student needs privacy to relax as they want in between the classes. In order to facilitate students, we only allott single room accommodation to students. There is an option of double sharing, if two related students join the program and want to save USD 75 each. We do not allow unrelated students to share the room.
The food is cooked and served with love, with lots of fruits, veggies, and gourmet Indian taste, our students love the food. We prepare food with vegan methods and serve items having milk and nut separately to ensure that students with allergies do not suffer during the program.
We provide free pick and drop facility from both Dehradun Airport and New Delhi Airport. Travel time from Dehradun Airport to Ashram is approx 30 minutes while travel time from New Delhi Airport is approx 8 hours.



We provide you with all your study needs. Yoga mat, Netri pot, a kit bag, books, notebooks, pen and pencils etc. are all there for you. You do not need to bring anything to attend the classes.


The students take their photographs and we arrange a few photoshoots to ensure that we provide a portfolio at the end of the program. It helps you in applying for job as a Yoga teacher.


There are helpline phone/whatsapp numbers given to students before they leave for India for both Delhi and Dehradun Airports and we to ensure we are there to assist you when you land in India and do not have mobile connectivity.


The students do not need to bring in anything for the class when they are travelling from abroad. We provide the complete Yoga kit, study materials, notebooks, and stationery as well.


There are three all expenses paid trips every month from the ashram where we arrange for the students to enjoy a few nearby sites like waterfalls, caves, temples on top of mountains etc.


Ashram provides free Yoga T-Shirts in summers and hoods in winters to students which they need to wear while coming to the class. In case a student wants an additional T-Shirt or Hood, they can take it from the ashram at a price of INR 300 for T-Shirt and INR 600 for the hood.

Important Details

Ethical GuidelinesCode Of ConductBatches Date & FeesRefund Policy
The ashram follows a very strict daily routine and the courses are designed to bring in transformational changes in every student. The students are expected to stick to the Dincharya (Daily Schedule) of the ashram. The students are expected to ensure that they also stick to the Achar-Rasayan and do not consume anything tamasic during the program to experience the intended changes during and after the Course.
We use traditional Yogic methods and discourage all apbhrans(Modified forms) of Yoga. The students must understand that the derived forms do not have a vedic(Ancient) scientific origin. They are great exercise forms but Yoga is beyond the physical self.
IYMS is a school of Yoga and Meditation. We welcome students from all cultures and encourage diversity. However, one has to give up all their tamasic activities like eating non-vegetarian diet, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or any other substance. Intoxication of any form will get you expelled with no refunds.
IYMS is a school of Yoga and Meditation. We welcome students from all cultures and encourage diversity. However, one has to give up all their tamasic activities like eating non-vegetarian diet, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or any other substance. Intoxication of any form will get you expelled with no refunds.
The students can cancel their booking and get 90% refund on the booking amount till 30 days from the date of start of course. They can transfer their booking to another month or another student upto 15 days days from the date of start of the course. In such cases, the students would have to pay the fee for the month they are transferring their booking to instead of the originally booked fee.