14 Days Yoga & Meditation Retreat Rishikesh

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Looking for a head start in your spiritual journey, come join our 14 days Yoga & Meditation retreat and start your spiritual journey. Our 2 weeks retreat gives you basic training in Yoga, meditation, and pranayama, the three core elements of practicing Yoga.
We also help you understand the impact of tamasic practices on your life and help you find solutions to your tamasic needs. Everyone has the potential to attain eternal peace, there are innumerable ways to reach the stage of ‘Sam’ (balance), our goal is to help you understand what way suits you the best.
If you are looking for a retreat to enjoy and relax you can go to any part of the world, but if you looking for a place to rejuvenate your ‘Chitta’ (inner self), there is no better place than Rishikesh.

Key Aspects of 14 Days Yoga & Meditation Retreat


  • Total 14 Hours
  • 1 Hour Everyday
  • Morning Yoga Class
  • Total 14 Hours
  • 1 Hour Everyday
  • Morning Yoga Class
  • Total 14 Hours
  • 1 Hour Everyday
  • Evening Yoga Class
  • Total 14 Hours
  • 1 Hour Everyday
  • Evening Yoga Class

Why you should do a 14 days retreat at IYMS Rishikesh?

IYMS Rishikesh is a yoga school in Yoga capital of the world and has its campus in a globally renowned ashram in Rishikesh. The school offers great facilities, care, affection and personal attention to all disciples of yoga. Come join us for a 14 days retreat and enjoy the benefits of

  • Experienced Teachers – Graduate and post graduate teachers in yogic sciences who are registered teachers with Yoga Alliance.
  • Small Batch Sizes – The batch size will never exceed more than 15 students, allowing proper access to teachers.
  • Dedicated tour manager – Ensuring safe free pick-drop facility from New Delhi and Dehradun Airports.

Weekly Excursion – Weekly sightseeing trip is arranged for students to take break from yoga and see the wonderful places of Rishikesh.

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Batch Dates & Fees

Private Room Accommodation

Course DateTotal Course Fee
Booking Fee
Paid on Arrival (USD)
15 Jan’19 – 28 Jan’19699175524
15 Feb’19 – 28 Feb’19699175524
15 Mar’19 – 28 Mar’19699175524
15 Apr’19 – 28 Apr’19699175524
15 May’19- 28 May’19699175524
15 Jun’19 – 28 Jun’19699175524
15 Jul’19 – 28 Jul’19699175524
15 Aug’19 – 28 Aug’19699175524
15 Sep’19 – 28 Sep’19699175524
15 Oct’19 – 28 Oct’19699175524
15 Nov’19 – 28 Nov’19699175524
15 Dec’19 – 28 Dec’19699175524

Double Sharing Accommodation

Course DateTotal Course Fee
Booking Fee
Paid on Arrival (USD)
15 Jan’19 – 28 Jan’19599150449
15 Feb’19 – 28 Feb’19599150449
15 Mar’19 – 28 Mar’19599150449
15 Apr’19 – 28 Apr’19599150449
15 May’19- 28 May’19599150449
15 Jun’19 – 28 Jun’19599150449
15 Jul’19 – 28 Jul’19599150449
15 Aug’19 – 28 Aug’19599150449
15 Sep’19 – 28 Sep’19599150449
15 Oct’19 – 28 Oct’19599150449
15 Nov’19 – 28 Nov’19599150449
15 Dec’19 – 28 Dec’19599150449

Facilities Included in Fees

Comfortable Stay

We offer private room and double sharing accommodation. Every room is equipped with attached western bathroom having 24×7 hot and cold running water.

Airport Pick and Drop

We provide pick and drop facility from both Dehradun Airport and New Delhi Airport. To arrange the pickup, students need to inform our team in advance about their arrival timings.

Yoga Kit

Students do not need to bring anything for the class when they are travelling from abroad. We provide the complete yoga kit including yoga mat, neti pot, rubber neti, t-shirt & backpack. 

200 Hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training - IYMS Rishikesh

Healthy Meals

We provide four healthy meals – breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. Food is prepared with vegan methods with lots of fruits and veggies. Items having milk & nuts are served separately.

Weekly Excursions

Once in a week we arrange sightseeing trips such as river rafting, trek to Himalayan caves, Ganga Aarti, local temples and River Ganga. These activities depend on seasonal feasibility.

24x7 Support

We give helpline phone/whatsapp numbers to students before they leave for India. Building has CCTV monitoring, security guards and support staff for your help.

Daily Schedule

To follow a yogic lifestyle students need to wake up and sleep early to ensure a proper sleep.
A usual day starts at 6 AM and ends at 8 PM. The students are provided with a midday break, three meals and a high tea to ensure they meet their dietary needs during their stay.

  • 5:30 Wake Up
  • 6:00 Morning Tea
  • 6:30 Pranayama & Meditation
  • Asana Practice (Ashtanga Yoga)
  • 9:00 Breakfast
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 16:00 Asana Practice (Hatha Yoga)
  • 17:45 Evening Tea
  • 18:00 Meditation
  • 19:30 Dinner
  • 22:00 Lights Off

Course Details

How to Apply?Refund PolicyEthical Guidelines
IYMS Rishikesh website displays only those yoga teacher training courses which are available to book. If you can see a course on the website, it is guaranteed to be available. You can go ahead and book a cours. Our team will get in touch with you after booking.
Students have to pay 25% of the total course fees as an advance through website payment gateway to book a seat. Remaining 75% of the fees can be paid at the ashram on arrival.
If you have any queries related to the course, can connect with our website chat support team at any time. You can also get in touch with us through email (iymsrishikesh@gmail.com) and on phone (+91 – 9466665678). We will help you with all your queries.

We offer complete transferability of the booking with zero refunds. You can send someone else on your booking, switch to another course or join another batch in one calendar year.
All these facilities are available till the batches are finalised. All batches are finalised on 5th day of every month. Once you are finalised in a batch, you cannot cancel unless there is an emergency.

In Case of Emergency
The applicant needs to inform us within 24 hours of the emergency. Once informed the ashram may or may not allow a change of batch for the student. In emergency cases, the booking can only be shifted to another month and cannot be transferred to another person.

No Show
If the student does not informs us about their change of plans and does not arrives for the program, the booking fee will be used to cover the losses made in making the initial arrangements for the student and no refund or date change will be allowed in such cases.

The ashram follows a very strict daily routine and the courses are designed to bring in transformational changes in every student. The students are expected to stick with Dincharya (Daily Schedule) of ashram.
We welcome students from all cultures and encourage diversity. However, one has to give up all their tamasic activities like eating non-vegetarian diet, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or any other substance. Intoxication of any form will get you expelled with no refunds.
We use traditional yogic methods and discourage all Apbhrans (Modified forms) of yoga. The students must understand that the derived forms do not have a vedic (Ancient) scientific origin. They are great exercise forms but yoga is beyond the physical self.

Student Testimonials

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