Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do you provide Yoga Alliance Certification?

Are the courses Residential or Non-residential?

What is included in the course fee?

What experience do I need to join Teacher Training Course (TTC) in IYMS?

Which course is suitable for me? Any suggestions.

Can I choose flexible dates for my yoga course?

Do I need to bring yoga kit and study material?

What is age criteria to join the Yoga TTC?

How can you help me to become a professional yoga teacher?

What if I get sick and cannot complete my hours?

What if I have an emergency and leave the course in between?

Do I get time to go out and visit other places in Rishikesh during the retreat?

Are the retreats for beginners?

Will I be able to self practise after the retreat?

How many classes are there in the retreat?

How many students are there in a retreat group?

Can I take body massages during the retreat?

Will I share my room with someone?

What is double sharing accommodation policy?

What are all the facilities available in the rooms?

What are the food provisions?

Can I extend my stay or arrive early?

What are the provisions for clean drinking water at the Ashram?

Do you have Internet WiFi connectivity?

Is there any laundry facility available at the Ashram?

Which visa should I apply?

Which airport is nearest to your city?

Do you have any arrangements for Airport pickups? Do I get a free airport pickup?

What expenses are covered in free pick and drop facility?

When should I arrive for the course?

How much will I need to deposit as advance booking fee?

Is there a benefit of booking the course through IYMS website?

I made a booking on IYMS website and failed to make the payment. What should I do?

What is your refund policy?

Do you arrange sightseeing trips to the nearby places?

What happens if I miss a class?

What is the Weather condition in Rishikesh?

What clothing and other things do I bring with me?