Student Testimonials

Olivia Derks, Germany

Olivia Derks

I did my yoga teacher training here. The quality/price ratio was very good, especially since I have heard much worse things about other places. The teachers were great, the food was awesome and the atmosphere was nice at the ashram. Of course, there were times/days when all those things weren’t as good but there are always up and downs, that’s part of life.

Veronica Blanarova, Spain

Veronica Blanarova

I had successfully completed the 200 Yoga Teacher Training gaining my teaching certificate. I had truly an incredible – life changing month at the Avdhoot Ashram and have learned a huge amount in such a short period of time. I had also grown as a person both physically and mentally. I am very confident in my asanas and get into poses deeper than ever, and my mind seems sharper and more focused. I am ever so grateful to my incredible teachers Vikas, Siddhant, Vicky and Vipul, and of course to IYMS Rishikesh for all that I had learned. Namaste.

Charles Cornelio, USA

Charles Cornelio

IYMS Rishiikesh is a great place with supportive people. From airport pickup to every Yoga class you feel the personal touch in everything. The food, the people, everything is just wonderful. If you are planning to send someone to India for Yoga, it’s the best place. The ashram is located in the city and you can easily go to any place you want as there are a lot of tuk tuk that can take you anywhere.

Alonzo Lyons, Germany

Alonzo Lyons

Lovely, knowledgeable yogis at IYMS Rishikesh who put you and yoga above all else as priorities in teacher training. In-depth studies available here at an unbeatable price. Rishikesh is considered the World Capital of Yoga…unbelievable cultural and natural sites to explore including the nearby sacred Mother Ganges River as well as waterfalls, meditation caves and more. Totally heartwarming experience. Please say hello and namaste to IYMS Rishikesh’ Yogi Vivek when you visit…one of the best laughs and senses of humor that you might ever encounter on this planet we call home.

Alessandra Venturin, Italy

Alessandra Venturin

I attended a 15 days yoga retreat in the IYMS Rishikesh and the experience was incredible! I learnt a lot from all the teachers, people really special! I hope to come back soon to them!

Sabina Fogarizzu, Italy

Sabrina Fogarizzu

I spent a month at IYMS Rishikesh for my teacher training course and I absolutely loved the experience: the place is calm and clean, with very comfortable private rooms w/bathroom, the people are friendly and sweet and treat you like family, and the teachers so good I couldn’t believe my luck. All subjects were given ample treatment, and a lot of things I had always just read about really started to make sense there. There’s even a resident doctor for any problem that might arise! Also I made a bunch of international, like-minded friends that I just can’t wait to visit around the globe!

Lalita MacDonnell, Portland

Lalita MacDonnell - IYMS Yoga School in Rishikesh

I absolutely loved this school. Yog is a lifestyle, a way of life, and most schools around the world do not capture this in their curriculum. IYMS Rishikesh is located center city of rishikesh, there is a most beautiful ashram. Beautiful garden and roof views. The rooms very clean and comfortable accommodation. For a price that is much more reasonable than other schools in the area! The food is traditional and absolutely delicious. I had a most wonderful time here and have made lifelong friends. The teachers are devoted to their lives in Yog and their passion shows in the classes. I hope those of you that look at this school, and sees this review can understand, even a little, how truly pure, authentic, as well as incredibly giving this school and it’s administrators are.

Yann Da Costa

Yann Da Costa - - IYMS Yoga School

IYMS Rishikesh, is a very good yoga school, very serious and involved in the wellbeing of their students and not only during the one month class. Some of the people there carry so much knowledge… I would want to say a deeply thanks for all of them : Siddhant, Sonu, Marta, Vivek, Papou, Gokul, Vikas and of course the others students who made my stay a wonderful time. So why just 4 stars ? Even if it’s very good, there are always some points that could be improved. For example, the food was more or less the same for the whole month. Anyway I’m so thankful for what happened during this time. Thank you very much.

Radharani Clausi, Italy

Radharani Clausi

Namaste, I’m Radharani from Italy. I came to Rishikesh many times. I joint last year in 200h TTC course and was amazing experience.the teachers are great with full of knowledge and very great persons too.The ashram is very clean and the rooms very comfortable .Atmosphere is very spiritual and people always kind ready to help you. I’m looking for next teacher training course with IYMS Rishikesh.

Briel Driscoll, New York

Briel Driscoll

The people at IYMS Rishikesh are helpful and kind. I am still in touch with my teachers weeks after leaving the program. Lots of 1 on 1 feedback. The instructors were knowledgeable. I gained so much physical strength during my weeks in this program. We practiced meditation and chanting everyday in addition to two asana classes . Pranayama and philosophy were also taught every day. A wide spectrum was covered. The ashram environment was simple and peaceful, very close to the river and we were fed three meals a day. The rooftop view is amazing at the ashram. Ask to practice on the roof one day, we did and it was beautiful! On days off we had the option of going on some outings and those were enjoyable. Kind people. Top notch instruction. Wonderful experience.

Bailey Murphy, United Kingdom

Bailey Murphy

My 200hr Hatha certification course at IYMS Rishikesh was an incredible and authentic experience. I learned so much about asana, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, etc. I especially enjoyed the asana classes by Sonu and Vikash, I was able to really take my practice to a deeper level. The course was intensive but in a good way, although it would’ve been nice to have more reference texts beyond the fundamental Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha text, and clearer communication about course progress and expectations. The small group size was awesome!

Jan Hammer, Germany

Jan Hammer

I have attended a yoga teacher training at IYMS Rishikesh in July 2017. I can clearly say it is very authentic – people are nice and kind, teachers are great and inspiring, food is nutritious and generous in quantity and lastly the housing is clean, comfortable and adequate for an Ashram. I would recommend going there for a training or a retreat. It is truly a great and authentic Indian experience! Namaste!

Oceane, France


I want to suggest this school to everybody. I spent one amazing month in this ashram . I left France with my own skills in yoga as a casual student. Here I learnt the real YOGA with indian teachers with a beautiful soul, knowledge and took care of us. We were a close group of girls who share everything with smile, patient and love . After this experience, for sure Im coming back to India to continue my study. thank you to all teachers.

Caoimhe O’sullivan

Caoimhe O'sullivan

I had a lot of experience in hatha yoga before coming to India but I realised how little I knew through the knowledge and dedication of the staff. They are thorough in their teaching, engaging and good fun. I only did a week retreat but would definitely comes back to further my 200 ytt that I have from home.

Madhu Verma

I was searching a place to do yoga and meditation i found IYMS on internet more suitable place for me because i saw other schools have been run by owners in hotels and guest houses .i had a bad experience in a hotel in Rishikesh here its in Avdhoot ashram .so i found myself very secure and relax staff is really friendly even we are not allowed to give tips to workers still they are happy .in hotels they always have a expression on their face about asking money.thanks to the administration of Avdhoot ashram .